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The Rewind 117

Paul Stachniak, Nathan Pepper, Steve Wyshnicki, The Rewind

The Rewind 117. Week of March 11, 2012: Man dies from E-Cigarette; Bear bites woman in ass; Richard Branson asks Obama for pot; Ouija board told him to do it; India has more cell phones than toilets; Teen texts Cop as prank; The Fast and Amish; Pinterest and more.

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Posted on Tuesday, March 20th 2012

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The Rewind 092

theoffline.com, The Rewind

Week of July 10, 2011: Unemployed man wants to be hunted for money; Nathan doesn’t believe in the moon landing; Pets account for 1 in 10 Facebook profiles in the UK; Electromagnetic shields are coming; another penis is cut off; Baby drinks beer, Mom washes kids with pool products, iTunes Top 10 and more.

Posted on Tuesday, July 19th 2011